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Cancer ActionNow.org helps cancer patients identify treatment options to consider if standard treatment for their cancer does not help them.

The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation/CancerActionNow.org collaborates with other organizations to speed availability of effective and safe cancer treatments. Check the links under "Advocacy" in the menu to the left to see what we’re doing.

Important News

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Visit our blog (linked in the sidebar menu to the left)for alerts and updates. We will sometimes post a headline or commentary on our blog whenever something important comes to our attention, but we plan in the near future to shift most of our discussion and expanded information to a CancerActionNow page on Facebook. Watch for the grand opening soon!

FDA Expanded Access Rules and Information

The FDA announced its final rules for Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs for Treatment Use and Charging for Investigational Drugs in August 2009. Click here to see that announcement and additional links. However, a lot has happened since 2009, and the FDA has significantly expanded the information available on its website as well as working toward simplifying the process of obtaining "compassionate" access to experimental medicine. Check out this link for more information: Expanded Access

Information Turned Into Knowledge is Power

Our ongoing effort, supported primarily by individual contributions, is to make this site a significant resource for patients, medical professionals, and regulatory agencies for information dealing with all aspects of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. From time to time we will highlight some of the public policy issues that may affect cancer patients and their families in an effort to motivate individuals and organizations to work together for important changes and progress.

We welcome your input and suggestions for ways we can make this site more useful to our visitors. Whether you are a patient or family member, a medical care provider, a patient advocacy activist, or involved in insurance or regulatory issues, we invite you to email us at: editor (at) canceractionnow (dot) org.

Legislation and Regulatory Issues

From time to time, we will add current information on regulatory and legislative developments concerning various aspects of cancer research and treatment. We monitor many of the political initiatives that may enhance or hinder access to effective medicine, and we will share our thoughts with you here or on our upcoming Facebook page.

Inadequate control of cancer pain is a long-standing problem for many patients, but for a very large percentage of people with cancer, there are effective pharmaceuticals for controlling pain and improving the quality of life. Unfortunately, in the past many physicians have been reluctant to prescribe adequate amounts of pain medication out of fear for government oversight and regulation of their medical practice. An initiative by the families of victims of drug abuse is making the situation much worse for many cancer patients. Although we sympathize with the people harmed by drug abuse, we took a public position in opposition to additional regulation of the use of opioid drugs via the mechanism known as REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies). You can see the FDA's announcement of a public meeting on the topic held several years ago here: Federal Register Notice -- FDA Proposal on Opioids REMS, and our public comments here: MNCF Comments on FDA Opioids REMS Proposal. This is an ongoing issue as physicians and regulators attempt to strike the best balance between providing critically-needed care with pain drugs that work well for many patients and preventing avoidable harm from improper use or abuse of these medicines.

Read a thoughtful proposal endorsed by the Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation regarding how Comparative Effectiveness Research can be conducted to benefit cancer patients. You can read or download the PDF at this link to the Friends of Cancer Research website.

The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation endorses stem cell research conducted for the benefit of cancer patients: http://www.cancerleadership.org/policy/cancer_research/050520.html.

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In the past year, we worked to increase the treatment options available to cancer patients. Your support made our work possible.