Living With Cancer


About the Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation

The primary goal of the MNCF is to help cancer patients by speeding the development of, and access to, significantly better treatment options. Our work in Northern California includes helping to fund local cancer support, advocacy and patient navigator programs. In addition, we are committed to using the internet to supply a broader population with vital information about their disease and how to get access to promising new cancer therapies. We're a non-profit, 501c(3) organization founded in 1994 to help people diagnosed with cancer.

Our efforts include:

  • Collaborating with industry, regulators and advocates to accelerate development of and access to promising cancer therapies
  • Promoting public access to important treatment-related information
  • Providing support group and patient navigator services to people with cancer

We serve in a variety of cancer venues, including Cancer Cooperative Group Patient Advocate Committees and Data and Safety Monitoring Boards, ASCO’s People Living With Cancer patient advisory board, the FDA Patient Consultant program and the NCI CARRA program. We work with patients, industry, advocacy groups, researchers, clinicians and regulators to develop appropriate expanded access protocols, and to break down barriers in the clinical research process.

We support the efforts of many advocacy organizations, and have presented educational materials in a variety of forums including the Clinical Trials Summit, the International Association of Breast Cancer Research and One Voice Against Cancer.

Our website, www.CancerActionNow.org, provides information and resources to patients who have been failed by approved cancer treatments and who are looking for additional treatments which might extend their lives.