Living With Cancer


Corporate Sponsor Policy

The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation is a national non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of cancer patients for the development and availability of effective cancer treatments. The Foundation often partners with corporations on events and initiatives and has developed the following policy to guide and more clearly define our partnerships in the corporate arena.

  • Grants from corporations for projects and educational programs are unrestricted educational grants. While we welcome input from our corporate partners, the Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation has ultimate authority over program development, content and speaker selection.
  • Any selected or recommended speakers at events will be required to disclose their relationship with the corporate partner.
  • The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation does not endorse any medical product, treatment protocol or service or provide medical advice to patients. However, we may take public or private positions in support of, or in opposition to, the approval of new products and new indications for existing products.
  • All information presented in materials and at programs will be presented in fair balance.
  • The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation reserves the right to approve the participation of third parties that may be recommended for involvement in any program, project or event.
  • The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation does not enter into exclusive partnerships on any topic area or cancer type.
  • The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation does not sell its mailing list or provide its mailing list directly to any corporate partners.
  • All materials and programs developed by The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation are the property of The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation, must carry The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation copyright, and as such, cannot be changed, modified or duplicated without prior written permission from The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation.

The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation thanks The Wellness Community for use of their corporate policy.