Living With Cancer


Foundation programs

The Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation - a volunteer-driven organization that provides its services free of charge - supports other organizations and programs that work to improve the lives of cancer patients in a variety of ways.

The Foundation has supported a number of programs and initiatives, including:

  • Cancer support services throughout the area
  • A grant to a San Francisco non-profit to provide language-specific cancer support services
  • A grant to the Better Health Foundation in support of a Spanish language edition of the Bay Area Breast Cancer Resource Guide
  • Grants to NorthBay Healthcare Foundation in Solano County for support group services for women with breast cancer.
  • Establishment of a volunteer network to address experimental therapy and clinical trials issues
  • A Patient Navigator Program in Solano County, California. This program was taken over by the non-profit organization Faith In Action in 2004 and has been integrated into their broader healthcare services.
  • The Foundation is also allied with a special group of volunteers called the Bosom Buddies of Solano County. The Bosom Buddies are a non-profit affiliate of the Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation that raise funds to assist women with breast cancer in Solano County. For more information on Bosom Buddies and their activities, please call (707) 446-0749 or email at solanobuddies@yahoo.com.