Living With Cancer


Welcome to CancerActionNow.org

This website is produced by the Marti Nelson Cancer Foundation (MNCF). This independent organization works to make experimental cancer drugs available on a compassionate access basis.

Compassionate access is a way for people with life-threatening illnesses, who have already tried every available treatment, to use promising new drugs while they are still being tested.

People in this situation often join a clinical trial, which is the official route to using medications before they are approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). But, for a number of reasons, some people can't join a trial, even when there is reason to believe that a particular drug might work for them.

That's where compassionate access comes in. Compassionate access is often controversial. It is rarely easy to obtain. But when it's the last thing left to try, that is what you fight for. That is what this website is about.