Living With Cancer


There is a vast amount of cancer information available. The following are resources that may be helpful. While we have worked to include only credible, science-based organizations, we cannot guarantee the quality of information provided. The only exceptions are the public resources (websites ending in .gov), which have strict review standards.

In addition, there are many ".com" websites which focus on cancer and clinical trials. While some are excellent resources, others exist primarily to sell a product. Be careful!

Clinical trials information and listing

Public (government) resources

Hospice and Palliative Care Resources

General Cancer Organizations

Disease-specific patient advocacy groups and foundations

Pharmaceutical Industry Organizations

In addition, most companies have information on their corporate websites about drugs in development. Look for sections labeled "research" or "pipeline."

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Watchdogs

Complementary therapies such as vitamins, nutrition supplements, massage, acupuncture, meditation and visualization are used by many during cancer treatment. However, there is often no conclusive scientific evidence on the impact of the therapy, and some therapies such as massage or mega-doses of vitamins may be harmful to patients. All non-traditional therapies should be checked and discussed with your doctor.

Miscellaneous Organizations